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by Are We Europe

Are We Europe Issue 6 – Losing Our Religion

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Are We Europe takes on religion in its sixth print issue. What happens when we lose our religion and God is declared Dead? How do young people find meaning and spiritual fulfilment? And are we really as secular as we think? Discover the stories of believers and non-believers from all over the continent.

For the thousands of years that the human species has existed on planet earth, religion has shaped identity and helped us deal with the most fundamental questions about who we are, the meaning of life, and what happens after death. This issue is about how younger generations of Europeans are finding meaning and fulfillment  It tells the stories of believers and non-believers and, as always, brings together photography and long-reads from all over the continent. It is a slice of contemporary religion in the most secular place in the world.


Are We Europe aims to report on the often neglected and ever-changing state of the European identity by empowering aspiring European journalists who are motivated to explore this topic. 

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