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by Are We Europe

Are We Europe Issue 16 – Vices and values

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Are We Europe aims to report on the often neglected and ever-changing state of the European identity by empowering aspiring European journalists who are motivated to explore this topic.


From vitamin D supplements to the re-invented cigarette break and the power of antibiotics: these are the substances we take on the sidelines of the infamous war on drugs.

We’ve taken a magnifying glass to the drugs that have an unspoken place in our daily realities: From ground-breaking psychedelic therapies to the newest nicotine product that’s keeping Europeans hooked, we want to take you into the world of everyday drugs. The magazine—almost 100 pages long and full of incredible photography, and writing—collects experiences from across the continent, providing a unique look into people’s vices and values.

Featured stories

  • Little packets of white powder
    How nicotine pouches have captivated the masses in a so far unregulated Europe.

  • Tripping to heal
    Normalising psychedelic-assisted therapies while interrogating the harm caused to Black people by the war on drugs.

  • These crystals will ease your pain
    A photographer zooms in on everyday medication.

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