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by Are We Europe

Are We Europe Issue 11 – The Queer Issue

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Are We Europe aims to report on the often neglected and ever-changing state of the European identity by empowering aspiring European journalists who are motivated to explore this topic.


With the increasing popularity of pride parades, an upcoming gay Marvel superhero, and the astonishing mainstream success of RuPaul’s Drag Race, LGBTQ+ culture has never been closer to the surface. But there’s tension beneath the shimmery waves.

From romance in videogames and public toilets, to boldness in Young Adult fiction to Naples’ ancient third-gender community. Join us on a journey through the European LGBTQ+ landscape in all its colours.

Featured stories

  • Roma and queer

  • Falling in love with a videogame character

  • Napels' ancient third-gender community

Photoseries and visual essays

  • Journey into the night with Damien Frost

  • Public Toilets | Private Affairs

  • My queer Black Italian experience

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