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ARCHIVIO No 04 – The Unreal Issue

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What we know about reality could dissolve at any moment, and it’s because of this that archives exist. But archives themselves entail manipulating reality. When archivists choose what to preserve and what to discard, they redefine and condition our future memory. Contributors to this issue deal with the language of power, the alteration of the body on stage, the cinematic illusion of another reality, and how the gaze changes perception in psychology and art. Included are iconic shots of post-war stars and stripes suburbia by Bill Owens, Enrico Deaglio’s story of racial persecution and anti-Semitism in Milan, and Ricordi’s 19th-century battle against piracy in the pre-digital era.

ARCHIVIO is a biannual Italian magazine focused on archives and the edition is exclusively built with archive’s documents. Each issue involves the most relevant archives from all over the world with a high quality selection of pictures and exclusive contents.

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