Whatevr Fanzine Issue 10

by Whatevr

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In this issue number 10, Whatevr returns to the basics and explores the five senses. This connection with the outside world allows us to perceive and interpret, to inform and to feel. What other theme could lend itself so well to this need for exploration shared by artists and contributors from all walks of life? Open your eyes wide – but not only that – and discover proposals as sparkling as they are varied to awaken the senses and curiosity…


Twice a year, WHATEVR FANZINE leads its readers on an adventure, exploring fresh perspectives. Be it fashion, society, design, or photography, we dive into a new theme with an offbeat approach and a burning curiosity.
WHATEVR FANZINE isn’t just a collection of pages ; it’s a launchpad for questioning norms and shaping new possibilities. It’s a call to think differently, to push back against the ordinary, and to embrace limitless creativity.