Stuck Magazine Issue 001 – Subworld Episodes

by Stuck

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In this issue, we want to take you on a journey from the innerworld to the outerdepths. A journey that begins with the shallows of human fears, needs and expressions, and ends with a view of dystopian (or maybe utopian?) future scenarios. Divided into two episodes, we invite you to explore the shadowy vastness of your imagination. In "modes of expression," you'll find content on issues of inequality, identity and nostalgia: in "imagined futures," we offer you a glimpse into absurdity.

Subworlds exist parallel to the now. They remain underground and are subconscious. Beginning at the point of discomfort for the mainstream, subworlds are deliberately - or inherently - disturbing, different and provocative. In this issue, use this exclusive subworld as a learning platform. A variety of modalities and disciplines await. From art painting and photography, sculpturalism and 3D art, to clay and handwork, the thoughts and feelings of nine contributors are into these 138 pages of subworld episodes.

TYLER CALA WILLAMS, INGRATO, SIILK GALLERY feat. Jonny Kaye, Rick Castro, Moyosore Briggs, Xena Magali, Kseniya Vaschenko, Saint Profanus, LAZYGAWD, BODYSNATCHERS, MALTE BARTSCH, SOLO SHOW, GUERRILLA BIZARRE feat. ISAbella

Jacopo Borrini, Marius Thielmann, Rebecca Took, Illaria Sacchi, Miriam Partington, Marie-Christine Lümen, Smilla Marcussen, Meret Scheppach, Hyesoo Chung


Stuck Magazine works to uncover methods of survival and success from the artists themselves, in times of rigidness and in times of growth. We at Stuck research and learn from these artists, compiling stories and inspirations for our readers. You might identify with the artists we cover or draw motivation from our energy and ethos.

We hope you are prompted to recognise and have faith in your own systems of creating and moving through blockages. We follow an unconventional path and we encourage you to travel with us, visit various subcultures that give life, and explore new realities through our pages. We aren't a guide book but a friend that helps you discover secret places. Our vision is to create a community that will inspire us all to pursue culture.