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by nomad

nomad Issue 16 – Traveling

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nomad is a magazine that promotes issues concerning quality of life, sustainability and society by curating the ideas of a growing global creative community. Inspired by the forward thinking approaches of creative visionaries, eco-pioneers, artists, authors, architects, entrepreneurs and designers worldwide, nomad magazine seeks out new perspectives to shape our local and global life towards a valuable future. In this sense, we are all nomads.


This issue of nomad delves into the profound impact of travel, exploring personal choices and inspirations. With two striking covers by Lord Norman Foster and RELVĀOKELLERMANN, the edition illuminates how travel shapes our worldview.

Inside, readers will find insights from Lord Norman Foster, whose pioneering work at the Norman Foster Institute on Sustainable Cities continues to redefine urban living spaces. Provocative perspectives from Matteo Thun on the future of design and Liam Young's futuristic expeditions with the Unknown Fields studio offer thought-provoking insights. Claus Sendlinger discusses the importance of slow travel and sustainable tourism, while the Vianello family shares their eco-friendly camping ethos on the Adriatic.

Educational journeys with Chris Taylor's Land Arts of the American West and Kalyani Tupkary's alternative conceptions of time provide further depth. Swedish architect Helena Glantz explores the enduring appeal of brick, emphasizing its sustainability and the human connection to this timeless material. Camilla D. Fischbacher candidly shares the trials and triumphs of transforming a traditional family-run textile business, and Rolf Benz celebrates a 60-year legacy.

Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann advocate for an outsider's approach to design, prioritising user needs and problem-solving over personal taste, and embracing the dynamic nature of the design field.

Through these compelling narratives nomad showcases how travel fosters deeper connections between people, nature and culture.



Matteo Thun: Architecture and Flying are (un-)related — Norman Foster: Architecture is too important to be left to Architects alone — Liam Young: Travel needs to be about collective imagining — Claus Sendlinger: Slow Down — Ca'Savio: Small(er) is beautiful — Kalyani Tupkary: What if we had another month between June and July — Rolf Benz: Innovation born of Tradition — RelvãoKellermann: The Power of being Outsiders — Fischbacher 1819: Making Recycling sexy — Helena Glantz: The Beauty of Brick — Chris Taylor: How we've shaped the land, and how it has shaped us


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