It's Freezing in LA – Special Edition

by It's Freezing in LA!


IFLA! is an independent magazine with a fresh perspective on climate change. Too often, environmental discussion is polarised into one of two categories: the remote, technical language of science, or the hotheaded outrage of activism. We find the middle ground, inviting writers and illustrators from a variety of fields to give us their take on how climate change will affect — and is affecting — society.

We want to help untangle the climate tensions and choices that our generation will have to navigate by platforming as many different perspectives as we can find. IFLA! provides original, engaging and surprising content — widening environmental discussion and offering a range of vocabulary and insights not found elsewhere.


Special Edition: Creative Responses to the Climate Crisis

Visible Signs that Something Isn’t Right is the first publication to be produced outside of It’s Freezing in LA!’s usual printing schedule. Throughout its pages are a collection of creative projects on a variety of themes, from mushrooms to oil companies; at the same time covering various creative forms, from theatre to photography.

VSTSTIR’s was made in collaboration with the graphic design duo Open Practice (Katie Evans and Gabriela Matuszyk). They were commissioned to reinterpret the existing design templates from IFLA!’s main series with the word ‘Retrofitting’ as a starting point. Retrofitting is a process in architecture involving modification of an existing structure by introducing new components. The cover design incorporates this idea by including elements of the main issue with the new title overprinted on top. The typography embraces the history of IFLA!’s font, Peace, mixing old and new releases of the typeface in the spirit of retrofitting.

In this issue: Visible Signs That Something Isn’t Right

  • Gardens designed by algorithms
  • Field recordings of our shifting planet
  • Paintings by the ‘Plant Name-Giver’
  • Sculpting with plastic
  • Preparing sustainable theatre 
  • How to navigate a fictional map
  • Neurodiversity and ecological making