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by 1 Granary

1 Granary Issue 7 – This Is Not About You(th)

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Through intimate and raw testimonies with over 50 luxury house designers, 1 Granary issue 7 explores the strained relationship between youth and creativity.

Spanning over two years of research, hundreds of off-the-record conversations,and 50+ in-depth anonymous interviews with senior designers and other industry veterans, 1 Granary issue 7 explores thestrained relationship between youth and creativity, exposing the uncomfortable truths hidden inside luxury house design studios.

Known for its educational angle and focus onemerging talent, 1 Granary takes a radical approach by exclusively profiling industry insiders with more than ten years ofexperience ‒ senior employees and luxury experts who have been collaborating closely with the legends, witnessing the growing influence of the marketing and business departments, and observing the innerworkings of the system from the shadows.


Founded by fashion design students at Central Saint Martins, 1 Granary aims to question and reshape the fashion system at large. Centered around the work of young, independent talent – a demographic at risk of being simultaneously fetishized and exploited by the industry – 1 Granary seeks to guide newcomers through established structures, and invite them to create new ones. Though education remains at the heart of the platform (informing students, graduates and those who don’t have access to traditional forms of education), 1 Granary functions independently of any official institute or university.

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