Wild Alchemy Journal – Fire Edition

by Wild Alchemy Journal


Wild Alchemy is a multi-sensory journal exploring nature, science and esoterica at the intersection of plants, planets and people. 

This is our FIRE edition, the second in our series navigating the elements. Ignited by the transformational power of the mythical Phoenix, we’ve collected over 40 contributions of art, text, sound and smell across 72 pages and five continents from artists and academics, musicians and makers, scientists and researchers, therapists and occult practitioners, wildlings and writers.

From explosive artist Aoife Van Linden Tol’s reimagining of the Big Bang and astrochemist Marina Barcenilla’s olfactory Mars, to a graphic novella rendering of the Art of War by Renaldho Pelle, to love spells by Mama Moon and a cut-out set of Fire Goddess tarot cards by Kiki & The Cosmic Egg, we’re continuing the journey many of you have joined already—and made space for those who are new to us. If you are a voyager seeking what lies beyond the horizon, who explores new frontiers in design and thinking, who peers through the cracks in our past to see the wisdom within, who appreciates the depth and magic of life, then this journal is for you.