VMAN Issue 46


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From his breakthrough role in Trainspotting to playing an intergalactic Jedi master in Star Wars to his Golden Globe-winning role in Fargo, the multifaceted actor for years has dominated every screen he appears on and has cemented his place as Hollywood royalty. Yet his upcoming role as fashion legend Halston is his most thrilling transformation yet. Photographed by Damon Baker and styled by Nicola Formichetti, McGregor solidifies his place as Hollywood reigning royalty covering VMAN’s SPRING/SUMMER 2021 issue!


V Magazine was launched in September 1999 as the younger sibling publication to the limited-edition quarterly Visionaire. If Visionaire is a couture book, V is ready-to-wear. V is large-format and visually-driven, international in scope and collaborative in spirit. V is a magazine about fashion with a capital F and all the things that go with it: art, music, film, architecture…you name it. Before V was put into print, we thought of it this way: Imagine a wall of forty-four televisions, each tuned to a different station. Today you would need a wall of 250 televisions, but it's still a good way to think of the insane and unpredictable mix of people, places, and things that V celebrates in its pages. V is a place where uptown meets downtown, celebrities mingle with total unknowns, high art converses with underground culture. Chic, wacky, fun, fabulous…in a letter: V.