This Orient Issue 2 – Sirens

by This Orient


Girls, girls, girls; shy girl, sexy girl, they all like that fancy world. This line from the song by Sailor from 1976 doesn’t fit our idea of women. Our selection of female creatives – which are gathered in this issue – tackle challenges. They work energetically, are bright sparks, assert themselves against a world dominated by men and convince with impressive and expressive projects. We dedicate this edition to our very special sirens.

Issue Two features the following artists

Brooke Holm, New York
Camille Moir Smith, Melbourne
Céline Bodin, London
Melitta Baumeister, New York
We Are Huntly, Melbourne
Sophie Mensen ‘OS OOS’, Eindhoven
Veerle Wenes, Antwerpen
Nathalie Rossetti ‘Rossetti + Wyss Architects’, Zollikon
Annabelle Selldorf, New York
Marta Zgierska, Warsaw
Holly Wulff Petersen ‘Rye London’, London
Rue Nouvelle, Munich


As we try to explore what the origins of all creative energy are, it is essential to face up to our own roots, and a lot of people already do. Our magazine is called 'THIS ORIENT. The name implies the idea that what we want to share already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored.