Pin-Up Issue 24 – The Mental Issue

by Pin-Up

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With a range of new global projects to her name, this British architectural powerhouse has decidedly come into her own.
Interview by Felix Burrichter

Photography by Mathilde Agius


One of the design industry’s leading voices meets one of its brightest young talents to talk the legs off a chair.

Portraits by Ian Markell


This erudite Mexican ingenue brings economy of form to complex architectural ideas.

Interview by Eva Munz

Portraits by Dorian Ulises López Macías


With his boundless imagination, this self-taught “architect” conjures hybrid utopias where peace and Diana Ross reign supreme.
Interview by Michael Bullock

Portraits by Daniel Trese

Also in the issue:
A 24-page portfolio of mental furniture including work by the likes of Matt Ager, Dora Budor, Archille Castiglioni, Christophe Delcourt, 


Lanzarote; an interview with Robert Yang on designing sex video games; an exhibition by Arakawa and Gins; Florian Graf’s use of architecture as art; a new book by Grafton Architects; an interview with Andrés Jaque on imagining urban desires; Donald Judd’s furniture; a look inside Sigve Knutson’s Stockholm studio; Snarkitecture’s first monograph; a portfolio of melting beds by Carlos Saéz; the romance and neglect of Rome’s post-war architecture and of Athens’s last Olympics; as well as essays about the architecture of 19th-century insane asylums and the connections between drone warfare, mental health, and suburbia.

Plus: A special supplement in collaboration with Yeezy, photographed by Nicholas Cope and with text by Mimi Zeiger.


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