Odiseo Volume 11

by Odiseo

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Compelled by one of nature’s most fascinating life cycles, Odiseo Vol. 11 explores the concept of metamorphosis through the lens of the ‘cocoon’. Like a seed that we plant, nourish and love, the notion itself gradually changed and swelled, evolving into a physical publication. In this issue, we travel through a world of movement as well as stasis; we inhabit bodies and minds that open up into new forms or take refuge under the hardened scaffolding of old moulds; we listen to the voices of socialisation, passion and love; isolation, individualism and transformation


Odiseo offers a sophisticated take on erotica, redefining the confines of traditional erotic publishing by balancing philosophical texts and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. 

Odiseo stems from a huge need to explore. We are seeking a visual, unique and personal vision of seduction, digging into new formats, eluding conventions. Odiseo blurs the confines of traditional erotic publishing by combining imagery that lies between art and erotica with insightful philosophical essays which delve into universal themes. We aim for not only a visual experience, but for an intellectual seduction as well. Odiseo shouts out the unseen: it is contradictory, mysterious, intellectual and intuitive at the same time. This idea illustrates our mission with Odiseo: explore new ways and offer a different and cross-cutting vision of  erotism that goes far beyond gender, seeking seduction through masculinity, femininity, bodies and abstraction.