North Volume 1

by North

NORTH is a new annual printed publication produced by students and staff in the Photography Department at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

NORTH is a decisive challenge to the traditional degree show model that relies on gallery display as a default. The printed publication will act as a showcase of new work that engages with a broad range of subject matters and practical approaches.

Issue 1 will feature alumni profiles of Jamie Hawkesworth and Ayesha Jones, alongside in depth profiles of work produced by course staff John van Aitken and Brian J Morrison.

Featuring:  Sara Foryame Lawler, Toria Lockyer, Alexander Cutler, Beth Louise Irwin, Luke Saxon, Georgina Rimmer, Megan Bayliss, Laura Jane Bland, Dean Baybutt, Vanessa Kumah, Hazel Whittall, Natasha Gaskell.