More Or Less Magazine Issue 04

by More or Less

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Body and soul: We invited supermodel du jour Paloma Elsesser to creative direct her own cover shoot empowering the female form and the natural beauty of fuller figures. She speaks to fellow model Jess Cole about race and body image in the fashion industry today. “Often, I can’t buy my clothes size. I like to rage against the machine of stereotypes that fatness and brownness occupies, which is what makes fashion in reference to blackness so radical,” she says.

We’re thrilled to announce model Adesuwa Aighewi’s soon-to-launch Legacy, a platform supporting artisans and creative talent in Africa. Money raised will subsidise the artists involved and will also fund social and community projects across the continent. Adesuwa explains “Legacy is proof that sustainability is so much more than just the environment. Sustainability is also support for your local businesses, keeping the money in the community and helping it to thrive”.

Heavy metal cover star Edie Campbell clad in a onesie of cans by Kezako writes about greenwashing- “You can’t have the conversation and then buy the tshirt. You have to have the conversation and then NOT buy the tshirt.” If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that we need to curb our overconsumption to save the planet. Now more than ever before, less is more. Welcome to More Or Less 04!

One more thing. We fully endorse a Democratic presidency as Donald Trump’s disregard for the environment is catapulting us towards irreversible climate catastrophe. Our 4th cover star Chloë Sevigny says, “The number one goal of this election is to get rid of Donald Trump, and to that end I am wholeheartedly supporting Joe Biden. We cannot have someone leading our country who won’t denounce white supremacy, won’t guarantee LGBTQ rights and a woman’s right to choose and is taking backward steps regarding climate change.” We only have a few more weeks, so get out there and vote!

Excess is no longer in fashion. Creativity is the new luxury. More or Less is a new biannual magazine which showcases fashion at a more inclusive price point but with boundless originality. It celebrates style as a form of self-expression, rather than a means to conform to the status quo. It touches upon how we consume, from cost to sustainability. Less is more.

More or Less is not another magazine showcasing only current season fashion. Vintage, army surplus, sportswear, old school uniforms, craft, rubbish—all are fair game. Although the price point is low, the contributors are high end. The fashion industry’s most sought after names in photography and styling have flexed their creative muscles to bring you these surprising and innovative ideas.

More or Less cares about fashion’s impact on the environment and highlights certain brands and concepts which are friendlier to the planet. Each issue features a shoot by a mentored student from
Red Hook Labs, an organisation which helps young, aspiring photographers to get the skills they need for employment.