Mono Kultur #42

by Mono Kultur


mono.kultur is an independent interview magazine from Berlin. Our concept is as beautiful as it is simple: one issue, one person, one conversation – no more, no less. And so each issue is dedicated entirely and exclusively to one artist from the various field of culture. Careful edited, lovingly designed and produced, we want to provide the artists we admire with the time and space they deserve. This one comes from the heart.


Issue #42

“It was not about discovering anything.”

Meandering forth through Montparnasse Cemetery each awakened dawn, bound for schoolmaster’s paper realm, lost youth’s Sophie Calle, amidst the labyrinthine gravestones, encountered many of the leitmotifs that would come to characterise much of her enigmatic oeuvre: Sought narrative; obfuscated identity; memory materiality; catalogued absence, encapsulated fragility, recollection, departure, and of course death. Occasional photographer, investigative journalist, performance artist, cathartic anthropologist, experimental writer, and provocateur extraordinaire, Sophie Calle’s deeply exploratory works, omnivorous in their excavations, defy decisive categorisation.