Meantime Issue 2 – Ghost Stories

by Meantime


Meantime is an independent magazine documenting Singapore stories lost to time. Published annually, each issue uncovers our past through personal stories.


Ghosts are more than spirits and the supernatural. Metaphorical “ghosts” linger around us too – the fear etched under our skin, the mystery that is lurking at the back of our mind, or the loss buried deep in our heart. The things that happened to us in the past, they become the ghosts we carry with us. They can sometimes get too heavy to bear, and in time, we can only hope to release them. How can confronting our ghosts reveal our secrets, our stories, and our past?
We invite you to sit with yours.

In this issue:
A theme park brims with strange statues
A radio DJ turns listeners’ horror stories into self-made podcasts
A ghost hunter pursues the truth about supernatural existence
A popular island paradise belies its lesser-known history
A veteran architect muses about Singapore’s storied buildings
A man discovers an incredible ancestral connection to a revered Chinese goddess
A self-taught photographer captures treasured bygone scenes
A Catholic nun heals prisoners on death row

The cover reacts to your touch
Your eyes aren’t playing tricks. The magazine’s cover changes hue due to heat – from your hands, the room, and climate – revealing photographs underneath the layer.

The pages torn to perfection
Feel the signs of human touch inside the magazine, as no two copies are truly identical.

The stories play with light
Mixing different types of paper, the magazine is a visual treat and more. Find tactile surprises as you run your fingers through the pages.