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Lampoon Magazine No. 29 – The Boiling Issue

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Lampoon 29, the hottest issue ever
«The era of Global Warming has ended; the era of Global Boiling has arrived» – António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United.

The image this conjures up in our heads. 2024 is feared to be the hottest year ever, with temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere expected to reach intense highs in June – but what is most exhausting is that the highest temperatures on record to date are from just last year, 2023.

Chronicle, culture, intellectual irony: The Boiling Lampoon is dedicated to everything that boils. At Lampoon, there are two words that synthesize our identity: roughness and fragility. We are scared – but we can react. We can use our brains, our hands – and think differently.

Martin Parr, Jordan Firstman, Ariana Papademetropoulos among the names of the new Lampoon, Boiling Issue: if you don’t get angry, you haven’t done a good job
Within Lampoon Spring 24, among the interviews, we find Martin Parr, talking about his portraits on a public beach in England; Carsten Höller takes us into his Laboratory of Doubt; Pelle Cass on the sense of anxiety; Benjamín Labatut talk about philosophy, life and death; ‘if you don’t get angry, you haven’t done a good job’ – says Jordan Firstman, main role in Rotting in the Sun; an exclusive art portfolio by Flaminia Veronesi on social maternity and collective motherhood

Camille Étienne and Bernie Krause describe the sound of the earth and oceans; Bless and design as a service, because luxury is having few things, but good; the dj of the Zeitgeist Bill Kouligas ponders the music industry of tomorrow; a chapter dedicated to Fire Island, New York: talking to Slava Mogutin, Gio Black Peter and Silvia Prada.

Gabbriette barbecues in front of a bank in Downtown Los Angeles; Ariana Papademetropoulos about dreams and nightmares; Tali Lennox to the world of wonderment and innocence and then back to despair; the duo of Ottolinger designers – Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient on an exclusive Lampoon portfolio; Stella Rose Gahan and Coco Gordon Moore: a special Celine by Hedi Slimane story shot by Caitlan Hickey; Jelka & Roman Goebel shoot in Lanzarote; photographers Lola Ban, Jeremy Soma, Tom de Peyret in Paris; and the hottest face, Maty Drazek, portrayed by Amy Mach.

Lampoon Magazine: Sustainable Matters in the Anthropocene, Circular Economies, Traceability, Creative Crafting. Human dignity and diversity; positive vibes and innovation – these are the cornerstone where Lampoon Magazine’s research stems from, Journalism, Chronicles and Reports, revealing the pragmatic side of many theories.

Italy's aesthetic playground worldwide: fashion, photography, graphics, architecture – Lampoon is an intellectual collision. We use Italian culture as a strong reference. We want to remain consistent on this: Lampoon is a magazine that brings a hyper-contemporary Italian taste to the world.

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