i-D No. 362 – The Utopia in Dystopia Issue

by i-D

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Extraordinary – The Utopia in Dystopia Issue

For the Spring 2021 issue we created stories around people, places and things that inspire us. Our own personal paradise, whether that be physical, spiritual or emotional.

Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Alastair McKimm, i-D’s first print offering of 2021, ‘The Utopia in Dystopia Issue’, will focus on the stories around the people, places and voices that inspire i-D. The issue looks to the future, creating our own utopia during these dystopian times, looking to the reconnection and the creative renaissance that will emerge after the upheavals of 2020.

During a time when we are all increasingly questioning our surroundings, from our entire social system to the four walls we live between, Travis Scott has been busy building his own dream world. In just over a decade, the 28-year-old Houston native – born Jacques Bermon Webster II – has gone from university dropout to his generation’s undisputed leader. As millions of fans around the world feverishly wait for his next album Utopia, Travis Scott opens up to Robert Rodriguez, the acclaimed director behind From Dusk Till Dawn and Sin City about creating the year’s most anticipated album, keeping a collaborative spirit during dystopian times, how fatherhood has changed his life and how Spy Kids is one of his favourite movies for i- D’s Spring cover story.

i-D has built its reputation on being a consistent source of inspiration in fashion culture. It began as a fanzine dedicated to the street style of punk-era London in 1980, and quickly earned its position at the vanguard of fashion and style, abiding by the premise of originate – don’t imitate. i-D has come a long way since its pre-digital, cut-and-paste days and has developed into a glossy magazine that documents fashion and contemporary culture, and has broken ground defining it too.