HOLO Magazine Issue 2



Wobbly drawing machines with personality, a roomful of light bulbs that pulse the syncopated rhythm of a hundred heartbeats, bouncing an encoding of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata off the moon—HOLO returns to further explore the frontiers of twenty-first century creativity.

Towering installations visualize scientific data, projectors beam kaleidoscopic animations onto sculptural forms, responsive 3D-printed environments mimic life—as consumer electronics become indistinguishable from science fiction, contemporary artists and designers are prototyping fantastical futures before our very eyes.

HOLO is a biannual window into their world: 200+ pages of personal encounters with leading practitioners, visits to key studios and institutions around the world, analysis from prominent thinkers and niche experts—each issue of HOLO is a thorough record of timely trends and paradigms, mixing long-form journalism with striking photography in premium print.


Vera Molnar HU 
Diligently making art with computers since her first plotter drawings in the 1960s, Molnar—at 90 years of age—is now at the height of her career.

Jürg Lehni CH
The craftsman behind charming drawing machines and evocative open source tools, Lehni playfully explores representation and reproducibility.

Ryoichi Kurokawa JP 
A virtuoso of performance where sound and image intermingle, Kurokawa explodes the natural world and reconstitutes it digitally.

Katie Paterson UK
A glacier’s meltwater, a rock from the moon—working with primordial materials, Paterson ponders our connection to the cosmos.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer MX
Provocateur and ‘alien’ media designer Lozano-Hemmer wields computer vision and biometrics to radically transform public space.

Timo Arnall NO
A former creative director at BERG, Arnall makes films and prototypes that reveal the infrastructure and networks that underpin everyday life.

Tale of Tales BE/US
Completely ignoring dominant videogame tropes, Tale of Tales lovingly craft dreamlike worlds that are both poetic and sublime.