Gentle Rain Issue 03

by Gentle Rain


gentle rain is a magazine about Hamburg. It looks at co-existence in urban space, portrays people in the city and shows how they live and work. We also make excursions into the creative habitats, urban enclaves and nearby retreats in and around the metropolis that is our home.

Issue #3 follows up on a question we’ve been driven by from the first issue onwards: How does a modern urban society work? How does it resolve conflicts between different modes of use, between culture and commerce or between old and new inhabitants? Read and look at some of the answers by contributors like Christoph Kleinstück, Anja Rützel and many more. Cover by Robin Hinsch.

Stories include:

  • Magic Moloch: Rave on! A techno club between diggers and a new paradise
  • Garden State of Mind: Escape from the filter bubble to the allotment island
  • Cultural Landscaping: Lüneburg Heath: why people preserve the steppe of the north