Flaneur Magazine Issue 03 - Montreal

by Flaneur

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The third, and first international issue, depicts Rue Bernard in Montreal, Canada. Though created in mostly snowy and freezing weather conditions the issue is a vibrant, vivacious and dynamic hybrid of stories and people mirroring the clashes of identities that is Canada.

Contributors: Michel De Broin / Meredith Erickson / Mivil Deschênes / Tim Georgeson / Frédérick Gravel / Caia Hagel / Cynthia Imogen Hammond / David Homel / Timothy Palma / Sara A.Tremblay / Jean-Sébastien Larouche / Mathieu Leroux / Christian Lettow / Richmond Lam / Stephane Najman / Josip Novakovich / Robert Alexander Quinn / Jonathan Villeneuve / Amanda Vincelli / Andrew Zadel / Marie-Ange Zibi


Flaneur is a nomadic, independent magazine focussing on one street per issue. The magazine embraces the street’s complexity, its layers and fragmented nature with a literary approach. The content of the magazine is produced with and for Flaneur by artists of all disciplines while the team spends two months on location. It is made using a collaborative, impulsive and unconventional approach. The magazine attempts to use a single microcosm to tell universal stories.