Flaneur Magazine Issue 06 – Moscow

by Flaneur


"Diverging from the principle of focussing on one street, we let ourselves succumb to Moscow’s underlying cosmological blueprint: the city is made up of orbits. The Boulevard Ring is the first orbit and on it we chose five bubbles that encircle the Kremlin. These bubbles are not just places – they are constellations, principles, motifs for our exploration. They are focal points that we can return to, when we get lost, thus they allow us to get lost. Their boundaries are as blurry as their inner centre. But for now, we choose to believe in them – we choose to let them take us."

Contributors: Sergey Bratkow, Tomas Clarkson, Laura Edelbacher, Stas Galaktionov, Dina Gatina, Ksenia Golubovic, Alexander Ivanov, Ira Ivanova, Lida Kaloeva, Dima Kavko, Alexey Kokhanov, Mikhail Kotomin, Katya Morozova, Igor Mukhin, Alexey Naroditskiy, Dasha Paramonova, Pavel Pepperstein, Sergey Ponomarev, Katrin Reshetnikova, Yulia Rudenko, Oxana Rudschenko, Kirill Savchenkov, Marinika Sadoyan, Arina Shabanova, Anna Skladmann, Judith Sönnicken, Protey Temen, Viktor Timofeev, Daniel Trabun, Oksana Yushko, Piotr Zolotarev

This issue includes a double-sided A2 poster with Artworks from Ira Ivanova and Protey Temen

Flaneur is a nomadic, independent magazine focussing on one street per issue. The magazine embraces the street’s complexity, its layers and fragmented nature with a literary approach. The content of the magazine is produced with and for Flaneur by artists of all disciplines while the team spends two months on location. It is made using a collaborative, impulsive and unconventional approach. The magazine attempts to use a single microcosm to tell universal stories.