Farta Issue 1 – Francesinha

by Farta


Farta is a beautiful magazines, that aims to show the value of traditional Portuguese dishes. A hybrid between a magazine and an artistic platform, the project takes on Portuguese recipes and culinary traditions that are widely consumed but less celebrated; the first edition is all about francesinha.


Issue 1: Francesinha

The francesinha is the biggest gastronomic stronghold in the city of Porto. Invicta's most popular sandwich was the pretext to bring together an array of diners avid for knowledge to think about its magic and the rituals surrounding it. From the sauce to the professionals who dedicate themselves to preparing it daily, from the search for the perfect recipe to the limits that the dish allows, the articles are pretty plural.
In this issue, we have the collaboration of the photographers Álvaro Martino, Tiago Lessa and Pedro Lopes from the ceramic studio BePolar Design Studio, journalists Teresa Castro Viana and Inês de Matos Andrade, as well as artists, and writers, among others.

Biannual (Portuguese / English)