Eye on Design Issue #06

by Eye on Design

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Eye on Design is published by AIGA, the professional association for design, and is put together by an all-female team. Serious minded and beautifully presented. An essential read for anyone interested in design!

Issue #06: Utopias 

In Eye on Design #06, the “Utopias” issue, we explore the elusive concept of idealism in its many forms. Over the course of 160 pages, we look back at the origins of Modernism and the concept of a universal solution; and we look to the future to envision how education, labor, the environment, and art might benefit from big, optimistic, and critical ideas. In between, we tell stories about the present and the designers who are actively working toward creating a better world. 

Inside the issue:

    • A visit to reclusive cartoonist Seth and what might be his most remarkable project to date: his home
    • The rise and fall of Vaporwave, the internet’s native aesthetic
    • Tips on how to be a "responsible" designer during the climate change era
    • An in-depth conversation with publishing collective One of My Kind
    • A detailed account of Cooper Union's tuition fight and how it bred a generation of student activists
      And so much more including: double die-cuts, satire, Mindy Seu’s Cyberfeminist Index, and an illustrated guide to women-run utopias

Guest designed by Na Kim, a graphic designer based in Berlin.