Eye on Design Issue #03

by Eye on Design


Eye on Design is published by AIGA, the professional association for design, and is put together by an all-female team. Serious minded and beautifully presented. An essential read for anyone interested in design!

Issue #03: Gossip 

Critics, moms, and check-out clerks agree it’s the #1 hottest indie mag of the season.

Eye on Design #03 is packed with stories about how design is shaping the way you communicate—truthfully, salaciously, and otherwise. Every issue of Eye on Design comes with a supplemental mini-mag, "Spotted," our spin on a dishy tabloid that's packed with paparazzi shots, party pages, a peek inside designers’ totes, a very special recipe from Milton Glaser, and other juicy bits.

In Eye on Design #03, read about:

The most famous designer feuds in history, and how one came to fisticuffs refereed by Michael Bierut.
The fascinating way People, America’s biggest celebrity magazine, gets made every week.
One designer’s shocking brush with the Pizzagate scandal.
Hot takes from five designers on the state of design criticism.
The most worrying workplace woes—culled from our anonymous tip line.
How suburban housewife gossip fueled the meteoric rise of kitchen mega-brand Tupperware.
April Greiman’s radical approach to design—we have the exclusive tell-all interview.
And so. much. more!

Design highlights include:

  • Magazine design by Allyn Hughes
  • Newsstand-worthy glossy cover stock
  • 160 pages of premium Mohawk paper
  • Removable mini-gossip magazine, “Spotted”
  • Comic by Raphaelle Macaron
  • Original illustration, photography, and design by Matt Lancaster, Daiana Ruiz, Inkee Wang, Nolwen Cifuentes, Nora Hollstein + more