Extra Extra Issue No. 4

by Extra Extra

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Extra Extra Nouveau Magazine Erotique No 4 offers sweltering stories and images from around the world. The issue consists erotic gems, entrenched in enthralling short stories, intimate interviews and desirable imagery and contains contributions by some of the most desirable cultural producers we know.

Filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues and Extra Extra writer Paul Dallas meet up in Brooklyn to have a tantalizing exchange that flocks birds and maps, saints and interpretations of sexual ecstasy into a flowing conversation. We are honored to give the floor to Camille Vivier’s subsequently, dark, breathtaking photos and to emerging photographer Collin LaFleche who invites us into an a rather raw coming of age story.In an extensive emotional interview with Natasha Hoare, artist Mary Reid Kelley shares her fascination for the grotesque and her love for language. Mary lets out the Gods of ancient time to play. Her videos are at once physical and literary, delicate and bawdy. Extra Extra Musings studies the senses. This time it’s electricity that catches our body in a beautiful essay by Nathalie Hartjes. We’re also happy to have the imaginative words of Mircea Cărtărescu, who transmits desire and a rather subdued sort of loneliness. In the ‘Last Supper in Seduction City,’ novelist Álvoro Enrigue tells a tale about a chef’s libidinal recovery, which might make you blush. We hope you all enjoy this latest issue of Extra Extra.