Miró Tiene aka MIRUEL is an illustrator, Graphic designer and Tattooartist from Hamburg Germany. Miruel is a well member and co-founder of the collective OK_DOG.

He has been studying at the HAW Hamburg DMI since 2014 and will be graduating this summer.

In his student days he was focused on developing his own way of expressing himself in terms of form and image. This development went from a very graphic and minimalist style to a free sketchy style, then back to the extremely exact style of the characters and is currently in a mix of both style of styles. During his studies at the HAW, Miruel participated in the TWO student magazines, the LUKS Magzin, the NICHT JETZT magazine and in the DAS WETTER from Berlin. Among other things, he has worked for clients such as Fritz Kola, Jameson Whiskey, Anjola, Europa Passage and URBAN SKILLS.

In the field of public Miruel has already presented some solo exhibitions and as a contributing exhibitor, Z.b. in the Millerntor Gallert, Urbanshit Gallery, Moonbase (Lüneburg) and at the Hamburg Comic Festival.

Upon graduation, Miruel will move to New York for half a year to attend the Parsons University of Arts and gain new impressions.


In his Second Zine Miruel shows work from one of his last sketchbooks. Printed in riso, with a screen printed cover. The zine is from the start until the end completely handmade by Miruel and limited on an Edition of 25. The work is in principle of Style development.