Dapper Dan Issue 25

by Dapper Dan


Dapper Dan is a men’s fashion and philosophy print biannual.


In issue 25 of Dapper Dan we explore the idea of disruptive pleasure – the moments of indulgence that we cherish on a personal level, out of context from the realities around us. But also of communal pleasure, of how we find joy in collective action and exploration.

Pleasure feels a rarer commodity these days, which makes moments of release even more transgressive and delicious than ever. In this issue, Angelo Flaccavento celebrates a more selfish, private form of pleasure against the codified enjoyment of social media performance.

Notions of space, the permanence of place and the transgressive allure of location
are explored. Cyprus-based artist Efi Savvides and independent curator Marina Christodoulidou unveil and reflect on their recent collaboration, the project A territory without terrain, exploring the practice of socially engaged art. Luke Forbes talks to artist Tino Sehgal about his practice of creating “constructed situations” in visual arts spaces; and fashion curator and historian Valerie Steele talks to Filip Motwary about the allure of the closet and we visit the studio of Athens-based artist Alexandros Tzannis to discuss his compelling investigation of natural landscapes.

Our contributors also chronicle texture and composition. José Cuevas and Paul Maximilian Schlosser explore balance and poise in Of Lillies and Remains, William Waterworth and Michael Darlington unpack emotion in Man is Held and in Aponia, Arcin Sagdic and Elena Psalti play with presence and solidity.