Anxy No. 2: The Workaholism Issue

by Anxy

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Across 144 beautifully-designed, artfully-written pages, our inaugural issue explores the theme of anger. Featuring Margaret Atwood, Ijeoma Oluo, Matt Eich and many more. Explore the issue.


Anxy is a beautifully designed magazine about our inner worlds—the ones we often refuse to share, the personal struggles, the fears that fool us into believing that the rest of the world is normal and we’re not.

Each issue uses a central theme—“loneliness” or “boundaries”—to build an original, insightful, and creative perspective through interviews with folks we admire, personal essays, reported features, visual stories, and recommendations for what to read, watch and download to round out the conversation.

It isn’t your therapist’s scientific journal. It isn’t some self-help manual. And we aren’t telling you how to “fix” an issue. We are Anxy. Aren’t you?