2022 Planner – two thousand twenty too

by Edition Julie Joliat

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In 2022 too... we will need to keep going, adapt our lifestyle, slow down, and consume more responsibly.

Each week of this weekly planner discloses a miscellanea of tips, facts, recipes, quotes, exercises, charts, information, and testimonial, all depicted in a playful way to inspire you to live a more sustainable life. It may feel constraining or discouraging to hear about global warming problems and how we should behave. Besides theory, practical implementation in everyday life is not always obvious. Through short testimonials of real-life examples, positive or failed attempts—or by raising questions—the intention of this planner is to not play down the situation, but to inspire and pass a message in a more personal way.

This year’s edition includes additional blank pages that provide more space for your notes. It also includes a monthly planner, a project planner, a lot of useful information about holidays, world maps, conversion tables, a culinary calendar, hints about celestial and green events, and observation charts.

NEW: Vegan and even more sustainable. In addition to offsetting the emissions of the planner production, through a partnership with myclimate, Edition Julie Joliat financially supports projects that have strong environmental and social impacts.



  • in English
  • 12 x 19 cm
  • 192 pages
  • offset black print inside
  • cover flaps
  • cover with structured paper
  • perfect bound with soft cover
  • lays flat when open
  • cover available in 4 different shades:
    ∙ Spicy Orange
    ∙ Lavender
    ∙ Citrus Yellow
    ∙ Celeste Blue
    ∙ Pure White: (Special Edition)
  • a week per spread
  • monthly and yearly overview
  • project planner 2022
  • ± 20 blank pages for notes
  • ± 80 illustrations, graphics, quotes, stories…
  • moon phases and other celestial events


Produced in a sustainable way:

  • NEW: Vegan production!
  • FSC-certified paper (inside paper recycled with 100% old papers, without chlorine bleach and optical brightener, awarded the Blue Angel, the German Ecolabel)
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Ecological ink (free of mineral oils)
  • Carbon Neutral: the manufacturing of all 2022 planners released 2,238 kg of CO2e. Through Nature Office, 2,238 kg of CO2e had been offset by taking part in forest restoration.
  • Green Energy: the studio where the planner is designed is powered by green electricity.


Edition Julie Joliat is a label based in Berlin created by Swiss graphic designer Julie Joliat, who has been designing, self-publishing, and selling printed matter online and in shops across Europe since 2007. Each book she creates is based on a strong, well thought-out concept that highlights a message in original – and sometimes funny – ways. The most successful product is a meticulously designed annual planner: the Agenda. It is a unique type of calendar revealing a different content each year and that – when saved from one year to the next – becomes part of a richly diverse and inspirational collection.

More about the Agenda project

The planner is unique because every edition revolves around a different content. Certain aspects of the book like the size and the basic layout remain similar from one year to the next, but the the way to approach the topic, typeface, design, and colors vary, so every edition has a new, fresh feel. Since 2019, every edition is focusing on sustainably, disclosing facts and advice on how to slow down and consume more responsibly. It is also produced in such a way.

So much more than just an appointment book, this planner is a cross between a calendar, a diary, a notebook, and a book. It comes with an underlying message that encourages people to think and/or challenge themselves. It's the perfect medium for this purpose, as the user can carry it throughout the year and access it at any spare moment. Each planner's title is created in such a way that it can become a particular year's motto, and the user is invited to create a personal story within the story told by the planner. This makes each edition unique so it becomes a collector's item and later, a record of your past.

The planner is typically printed on smooth paper and bound with cold-glued sections that allow it to lie flat when open. It includes blank pages for making personal notes and offers a variety of useful, meticulously designed information, including an exclusive set of world maps, conversion tables, lists of holidays, monthly planners, a culinary calendar with a list of seasonable fruits and vegetables, celestial events, cooking tips, and observation charts.