French Fries Issue 3 – The Human DNA

by French Fries


French Fries Magazine celebrates freedom through art, fashion and culture. Published biannually featuring groundbreaking work from disruptors, trendsetters, performers and creators that are challenging our visions. With an independent and unconventional spirit, opening the way to a world of sound and vision: the tangible expression of one’s natural contradictions and provocative personalities to contemporary society.


“Human DNA” is about the chemistry that underlies life, hypothesizes a dystopian future in which we look at the past, with its behavioral codes and its memories, and rework it in fragments in a new way. To "redefine and reinvent humanity", page after page, the magazine takes us into a "post-apocalyptic future, in which the remains of the old world transmigrate into an idea of ​​regeneration, of possible rejuvenation of the society in which we live, in the definition of a new race of individuals belonging to tribes who come from no lineage but their own. Post-world citizens who borrow banners and stylistic features of traditional culture and use them in a completely different way; forerunners of a change (in the body and in the mental language) that feeds on memories, caresses nostalgia, but at the same time looks ahead, in search of a new habitat.”