Le Bon Parfumeur – Afterhomework 2019 (vodka, tobacco, juniper)

by Le Bon Parfumeur


Afterhomework 2019

Special - Intense 

Eau de parfum
30 ml – 1 fl.oz.

Chilled vodka, forbidden feeling


A cigarette on your lips, a frosty glass of vodka at your fingertips, an underground Parisian evening that flirts with decadence and scandal.


Top: Orange bitters / Vietnamese basil / Peppermint / Vodka accord
Middle: Ceylon cinnamon / Icy melon / Pink peppercorns / Juniper berry
Base: Indonesian patchouli / Haitian vetiver / Tobacco


Afterhomework is an independent design label created in 2014 by Pierre Kaczmarek at age 15, while still in high school. He is joined in 2016 by the stylist Elena Mottola.

Geometric, unstructured, different, the brand Afterhomework (Paris) proposes a young and modern fashion brand inspired by the direct observation of social phenomenon.