Perfect Strangers Issue Two

by Perfect Strangers Magazine


Perfect Strangers is a magazine dedicated to exploring the cross-cultural. Led & fascinated by one question: how does the world meet itself? From artists and entrepreneurs to grandparents and lovers, it features people from all walks of life who help to connect the world. Through their perspectives, it examines how cultures and languages, habits and ideas, styles and foods, intertwine and transform. 

Issue Two

What is it like to work as a tour guide in Cairo? How do a cross-cultural couple navigate the ins and outs of marriage (and priesthood) in a remote town in southwestern Japan? What are some of the varied origins of urban flora in New York City? Delve into these stories, and many more, in our second issue.

Issue Two — with 150+ pages of beautiful writing and images — explores how the world meets itself through a vibrant array of perspectives.


_Aileen Eisenberg encounters foods old and new in Madaba
_Amina Ashraf and Ingy Hassieb profile tour guides in Cairo
_Aurélien Foucault shadows a film crew on location in Georgia
_Lindsay Varty highlights fading professions in Hong Kong
_Lorissa Rinehart traces the origins of plants in New York City
_Maria Gloria Robalino remembers watching pirated DVDs in Quito
_Nareg Seferian stays at the magdas Hotel in Vienna
_Stephanie Garcia chats with flamenco dancer Phyllis Akinyi
_Steven R. Kraaijeveld reflects on the concept of the 'Third Culture Kid'