NOMAS Issue 14 – Patmos



NOMAS magazine gazes at people and places with the curiosity, the joy and the longing of a nomad, the desire to belong, even for a while, to another culture.
Every issue explores a different destination, or a theme. The magazine is the common ground for photographers, artists, writers and creative wanderers who share the same passion, for experiencing and documenting travel narratives about the unseen and the untold. NOMAS is a limited edition that shapes a contemporary perception in art and the travel culture industry, through its most comprehensive, best curated and researched content.


They call it the “Jerusalem of the Aegean” and the truth is that Patmos is unlike any other island in Greece. Maybe because despite its natural beauty, it also retains an authenticity and a nearly mystical energy that seduces its visitors. It is said that if you visit the island twice, you will never stop craving to return. Issue No 14 is a rich journey to Patmos. It is the stories of Greeks who were born there and foreigners who fell in love with the island and chose it as their home. There are stories about architecture, but also stories around a dinner table. There are the unique photographs of Sabine Sarnitz, Ifigeneia Filopoulou, Rene Habermacher, Ioannis Nikolaou, Dimosthenis Grivas, Alexis Vasilikos and Yannis Bournias that narrate their own stories. An issue that came out despite the strict quarantine, even when Covid swept Greece - along with half of our office. This is why this issue seems like a miracle – and we present it with great emotion.