maize Issue 13 – Technology

by maize


Look at me now. In search of a new identity.
How many ways are there to be human? The thirteenth issue of maize delves into the topic of identity, and the countless facets that make us who we are. History and philosophy, music and technology, anthropology and modernity: this edition covers it all.


maize is a triannual magazine published by H-FARM, an international hub for innovation, education, and entrepreneurship, that explores the complexities of innovation and the shifting dichotomy between technology and evolution through the lenses of philosophy, arts, and humanities.

Each issue of maize is an aesthetic monograph that explores a central topic through compelling interviews, reports, short stories, personal essays, and visuals. This magazine is for those who love open discussions, philosophical ideas, and contemporary thoughts. It is also for those eager to discover new ways to develop foresight, be inspired, make informed decisions, and participate in the innovation process — all while staying human.