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by It‘s A Passion Thing

It’s A Passion Thing Issue 10

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Interviews and Stories on Entrepreneurship, Travel, Art, Design, Style of Life

Carla Rumler, Tyrol, Cultural Director // Teja Oblak, Prague, Professional Basketball Player // Kuriositäten—Liza Lou's KITCHEN // Curated By—Where should I go? Paris. // Rika & Junichi Tatsukawa, Shibecha, Heart Ranch // Tyler Brûlé Zurich, Journalist & Founder of Monocle // The Art Of Reinvention: Embrace change & rediscover your life's passions by Dr. Susan Kahn // Robert Thiemann, Amsterdam, Spatial Design Consultant // Ben Richards—Views from Japan // Mathilde Roseanne Brégeon, Kyoto, Designer // Passion for the Neighborhood—Kyoto // Robert Punkenhofer, Vienna, Curator, Consultant and Entrepreneur // A book? I can write one in a year—Sven Ingmar Thies, Experience Report // Artist Feature—Martin Ogolter // Simone & Adi Raihmann, Vienna, Karma Food // Art & Entertainment—Luna Luna

IT’S A PASSION THING is an independent journal 
about people driven by passion and redefining success. 

Sandra Reichl - founder, creative director and designer - founded the magazine in 2018. Karin Novozamsky joined in 2020 by contributing to issue no. 3 and became partner soon after.

Based in Austria - Vienna and Graz - we offer a perspective on life and success by interviewing and portraying people who do things passionately.

The magazine has a strong focus on people, stories, design, and photography. 
To allow our readers an advertising-free experience, we partner up with one brand per issue that we like and introduce to our readers. 

From our job as brand strategists and designers we have learned that passion is a key ingredient for success.

Passion is what drives us.

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