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by Buffalozine

Buffalo Zine No. 19 – Mother

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In this issue of Buffalo Zine we explore the definition of motherhood ― unconditional love, primal instinct, joy, worry, selflessness, community, learning, growth and much more ― revealing unknown stories about anonymous mothers. Maternal presence and absence, alternative mother figures and chosen families. Mothers as our personal heroes or antagonists. Moms always know better, right? But not always. We also uncover the struggles and hardships in everybody’s relationship with their mothers. This issue revolves around the mother as a cardinal and central figure in our vital experience.

Brontez Purnell
Mykki Blanco
Tracey Emin
Tierney Gearon
Martin Parr
Leigh Ledare
Jon Rafman
Savanah Leaf
Lux Gillespie
Katy England
Carmen Winant
Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Alexis De Veaux
Sophie Lewis
Asa Seresin
Deanna Dikeman

Buffalo is a timeless and placeless expression of art, aesthetics, youth and self expression and puts the humour back into the world of fashion publications. The design and format changes with each issue, allowing the form to be as free as the content. Buffalo is as homemade as good bread – created with joy, love and devotion, like a personal diary or an orchard.

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