We’re starting a collective art project entitled „The Artist Guestbook“. Notable artists leave a 10 second moving characterization of their work. Total freedom is allowed within the minimalist, predetermined perimeters. All 10 second designs will be edited back-to-back. The result is a fascinating film that, within time, decelerates and becomes more complex. Moving pictures that really move. And inspire. The film is a collection of first-rate design, creative typography and enthralling title/screen design examples for fascinating moving pictures, photography, illustration and art. GUDBERG NERGER offers creatives a platform to present, exhibit and stage themselves, their work and, if applicable, sell their work. „The Artist Guestbook“ can be viewed in GUDBERG NERGER’s shop, at festivals, events, exhibitions, on websites and designblogs. The user possibilities are endless. The mission from GUDBERG NERGER is responsible for „The Artist Guestbook“ content.

The connection of art, communication and commerce.

Wanna be part of art? Send us a mail!

For all the support behind this project we´d like to thank executive producer Henrik von Müller from Woodblock Berlin and creative producer Ulrike Kramer from INFECTED Hamburg!


The 3D lead artist from Hamburg studied communication design and has worked for several postproductions. After years of freelancing for local and international productions he now works as a Senior 3D artist for Infected Postproduction. With his passion for textures and materials, especially in Macro vision, he is able to create impressive computer generated images.

Concept, Design, Animation: Reinhard Preißner
Sounddesign: Hannes Hönemann / Infected


gate.11 – audio-visuelle Kommunikation – is a Munich based film production, agency and art practice. For 15 years gate.11 combines a wide range of disciplines including media sculpture and installation, media staging for live communication, exhibition and museum, events and film. The studio has an open approach to collaboration and has established the MUSTERRAUM platform for media art and music in Pinakothek der Moderne Munich. gate.11 works for internationally renowned customers of different sizes and industries and realizes art projects to continuously evolve new technologies and new artistic directions.
Concept, Design, Animation: Anne Weberndörfer/gate11
Sounddesign: BLUT


Renato is a hamburg based Animation and Art Director from Sao Paulo-Brazil. He studied Social Communication and Media Arts at Catholic University os São Paulo. Among the different techniques he chose the incredible possibilities that the digital art makes available, mixing traditional and digital techniques and intending to integrate the technology in arts, never laying aside the poetry and the sensibility of the traditional works. In 2001 he received from Philips a prize of best youngest digital artist of America Latina. This prize gave him the opportunity to spend time in Europe and visit animation studios. Since than he worked as an artist for Nuyoung creative agency, Terracota Films, Optix Digital Pictures or Liga01.
Concept, Design, Animation: Renato Klieger
Sounddesign: BLUT


The young animation director lives and operates in London. Shortly after the graphic design study Matt discovered his passion for the stoptrick film and completed on the „Royal College of Art“ Masters in animation. Now he is working successfully for brands such as Reebok, ZDF, VW, Google, Ben & Jerry’s and Chipotle.
Concept, Design, Animation: Matthew Cooper

Concept, Design, Animation: Constanze Müller


Peter is a well known motion designer and director working for major international studios. Although he is working mostly as a director he still creates the designs himself and helps to animate them. Meanwhile he developed concepts and designs for clients like Mercedes Benz, Telekom, Disney or Diesel.
Concept, Design, Animation: Peter Balicki
Sounddesign: Andreas Balicki

Concept, Design, Animation: Constanze Müller

Concept, Design, Animation: Michaela Urbas


André started his career as a graffiti-artist and screendesigner 10 years ago. He loves to play with colors and forms. He worked as a freelance designer for international studios and developed design and concepts for brands like Audi, Sony or MTV. Since 2014 he is working as a senior designer/art director at INFECTED Hamburg. Mirco studied communication design at design factory international in Hamburg and works since 2014 as a junior motion designer in Andrés Team for INFECTED Hamburg. | |
Concept, Design, Animation: André Ljosaj, Mirco Lanz
Sounddesign: INFECTED

Concept, Design, Animation: Manuela Urbas


Alexander Gellner is an extremely likable Berlin based designer who draws and animates every day to find the stories that make your heart bubble. Alex produces successful designs, illustrations and animation for international magazines, TV commercials and feature films.
Concept, Design, Animation: Alex Gellner
Sounddesign: BLUT


Dirk is a berlin based art director and motion director. He started with photography and became a student of the master class from Prof. Ulrich Weinberg. Later he switched into the computer animation business and became a founder from Second Unit and Stereolize in Munich. Dirk worked for several TV-channels, agencies and film productions and won numerous awards.

Concept, Design, Animation: Dirk Urbaniak
Sounddesign: Sebastian Zenke